About Us

Kol-Tirgum Translators is a well-based translation firm situated in Bnei-Brak, Israel.
The firm was established in 1989 by Mrs.Yael Rinkoff (M.A. in translation). It provides quality translation services from and into 50 languages and for all types of documents. 

The owner and manager, Mrs. Yael Rinkoff, has over 30 years of experience in working as
a Hebrew-English-Hebrew translator, both in Israel and abroad, in most business-oriented fields, legal and academic translations. We specialize in Jewish-related texts and in the special requirements of the orthodox communities and institutes.

Company services include: 
• Professional translation and editing in more than 50 languages
• All types of material: legal, financial, technical, academic, Judaism, and more.
• Special expertise in the requirements of Torah organizations & Yiddish translations
• Notary translation – certificates, wills, and other documents
• Website translation and localization
• Transcription and translation of audio/video tapes
• Book translation, editing, proofreading

The firm employs a large team of highly professional translators in diverse areas of specialization, working to and from different languages, including: Hebrew, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Yiddish, Scandinavian languages, Central and East European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and many more.

We can handle every type of document in all fields of expertise, such as:
Legal, commercial, technical, scientific, medical, literary, historical, economic, financial, official documents and many more… We specialize in Jewish-Orthodox material, halachic documents (wills, Ketubot, etc.), rabbinical letters and speeches, community and Jewish culture.

For each job the most suitable translator or editor is selected, based on the translator/editor's specialization, experience and availability, so that we can provide each client with the best and most accurate translation within the shortest possible time.

 Among Our clients: 
Since Israel has a large ingathering of Jews from all over the world, and companies as well as organizations and private individuals are in personal and business contacts with countries all over the globe, our translation services are in great demand by a wide range of clients, to include:
Jewish orthodox and secular organizations in Israel and abroad, International commercial companies, exporters and importers, public organizations, lawyers, accountants and engineers, academic institutes, small companies and the private sector.

Why do you need such a professional level of translation?
Would you let someone who just graduated from a six-hour first-aid course perform surgery on you? Would you put your organization's annual financial statements in the hands of a first-year student of accounting?
Just as lawyers, doctors or accountants indisputably require specialized knowledge and skills to perform their jobs well, so do translators.
A professional translator knows how to convey your messages in a style that will sit well with your target audience. It is also not enough to rely only on English. Even though the vast majority of materials on the internet are in English, only about 25% of the world's population is really comfortable with it. Over 90% need or would prefer to see materials in their native language.
We employ a variety of skilled translators with different educational background, expertise and interests. Each particular work is placed with a professional translator who is knowledgeable in the required field.

What is required from a professional translator?​
• Ability to quickly learn about new subject areas and stay up-to-date on new developments in specialized fields;
• Skill and creativity that often border on the artistic
• Broad knowledge of at least two languages and cultures
• Specific knowledge in particular areas
• Time to grasp the essence of the material and to clarify the obscure
• Time to shape and recheck for consistent terminology and style to produce a worthy final product.

Save Time, money and unnecessary grief! 
The more the translator knows, the better your final product will be. When you request a translation work, it is important for us to have as much information as you can give us, such as the purpose of the document (website content, internal report, brochure for potential clients), What is the precise target language (British or American English, Spanish for Spain or Mexico, traditional or simplified Chinese), etc. Adequate information will enable the translator to produce a better quality work with minimal mistakes.

You deserve a perfect job 
Our firm is meticulous about proofreading by a second translator and ensuring prompt submitting of work on the agreed date of delivery.

Contact us and we shall be happy to listen to your special requirements.