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Kol Tirgum Translators is an Israel-based translation agency, situated in the orthodox city of Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

The agency is run by Mrs. Yael Rinkoff M.A., a recognized translator by the Israeli Translators Association, with 30 years of translation experience.

We specialize in serving the orthodox Jewish community both in Israel and overseas. Among our clients are Yeshivot, Jewish organizations such as Chabad-Lubavitch institutes, Rabbinical institutes, lawyers, Jewish leaders and private customers.

In addition we deal with many other fields of translation such as legal, technical, medical, scientific, marketing, financial and more.

We provide translation services from 50 languages into Hebrew or English and vice versa. 

Kol Tirgum Translators specializes in Yiddish translations, as the language spoken and used mainly by the orthodox communities but not only. Yiddish is the international language of Jewish people all over the world.

We employ dozens of experienced translators in various languages as their mother tongue to provide you with professional service in every language pair.


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